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Still Accepting Applications [23 May 2008|02:19pm]

Hello! We are still accepting applications here at crackacademy. Currently we have:

Edward Elric - akitochiaki
Kamui - paradise_wolves

Fai D. Flourite - morwen_eleriel

If any of the previous teachers or students wish to maintain their place at the academy, they must send me a message by June 30. At that point I will start accepting new applicants for those characters.

[20 Mar 2008|03:24pm]

 CRACK Academy will be participating in the LJ strike. During this time, no applications are to be posted on the community. Application process will resume on Saturday March 22 2008 12:01 EST. Thank you.

Headmistress Yuuko

Applications for First Semester [20 Mar 2008|07:55am]

CRACK Academy has been resurrected! All applications will be accepted from now until Sept 30., 2008. You can either comment on the application forum or send them to me at yourcrimsonrose@gmail.com.
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In the West Wing hallway and onward [open to everyone] [02 May 2006|03:30pm]

Hughes walked through the hallways happily filing through some white day pictures~ He’d given most of them to Yuuko-san, but had kept several (he’d deemed them either to kawaii, were doubles, or had completely forgotten about them). He rifled through them cheerfully, organizing them. As he walked along he slapped sheets of paper with “White day pictures available see Maes Hughes” along the walls.

[ooc: He’s got pictures of Bakura and Kiyone fighting for sure. In other cases, ask him for a picture of your character, and you’ll have to make up what picture he took….]
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Kitchen [01 May 2006|10:20am]

He dipped the spoon into the brown liquid, and blew on it before tasting it. "Hmm..." he said, "not quite sweet enough."

Loading the white grains into the dark liquid, he stirred patiently. When he was sure that the grains had entirely dissolved, he took another taste. "Mm," he said gleefully, "much, much better."

Satisfied with his concotation, he replaced the ingredients he had used, and then carried his mug of chocolate to the table in the pantry to enjoy.
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Field Trip [25 Apr 2006|09:18pm]

The poster levitating in the Great Hall was a novelty for a school already known for bizarre occurrences. In bold, colorful letters and occasional sparkles, the assignment for the week long field trip was easily noticeable. [lj names because they're shorter XD]

Group One: New York, New York, USA


Group Two: London, England


Group Three: Antartica


Students, please pick a group and stay with your teachers. CRACK Academy and Ichihara Yuuko (Dimensional Witch Inc) are not responsible for any loss of life or limb that may occur.

Please note: Students and staff will be sent directly home after the conclusion of the field trip and the farewell assembly. Though the second semester is not too far off, this may be the last chance to interact meaningfully with some of your peers. As a helpful reminder, always use protection~! ♥

[Any teacher that wishes to can post a thread for his/her group. Perhaps an introductory one just so students know where to flock to? : D

Each group has a teleportation device that will transport them to their intended destination on Earth. The device will then activate to take them back to the academy in a week. The device can be used to travel to other locations, so don't feel restricted to the listed locales, and to communicate with the other groups. Handy little thing, isn't it? Translates and does other magicial stuff as well, if any plot holes need filling. Otherwise, anything goes. Everyone is currently at the academy still, so it's not too late to do some last minute packing. Those Artic penguins can get quite vicious after all, not to speak of those taxicabs. XD

Questions? Please ask! Comment or e-mail, since AIM is not currently being friendly to me.]
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Magic Studies Class 02 [EXAM] [10 Apr 2006|09:58pm]

The Headmistress's classroom was unusually dark, considering the bright sunlight streaming in through every window in the castle. The reason became apparent if one were to take a peek in and notice the closed drapes and the magic permeating the classroom the absorbed any speck on light.

Yuuko moaned as she slightly shifted the icepack on her forehead, bemoaning the lack of a reliable hangover cure. Even Fuji's hadn't been as effective as she hoped, since the taste was a bit more unique than her traditional remedy. 'There's a class this period too,' the witch mused, remembering why she was in the slightly drafty classroom instead of her luxurious office.

Lazily lifting a hand towards the board, she nodded in satisfaction as words in a slanted script began appearing. "ORAl EXAMINATION TODAY. Take a seat and be quiet until called upon. This is worth half your grade." Yuuko leaned back down on the desk as soon as that task was finished, her head pounding far too much for the small amount of effort that had taken. At least Watanuki would show up soon and she could send him to make a better hangover cure. After all, Clow had always been talented at potions, almost unfairly so.

The Time Space Witch awaited her next victims students. Enter if you dare! ♥
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White Day Dance [19 Mar 2006|03:49pm]

Image hosting by Photobucket

The Grand Hall was festooned with white ribbons and balloons. The tables to each side were heaped with delicacies from various worlds and the middle left clear for dancing. Bottles of champagne and wine chilled in bowls of ice, while sparkling punch was provided from those who preferred un-intoxicating beverages. As students and staff began entering the room, an unseen orchestra began tuning before falling silent.

At the front of the room, the Headmistress stepped forward to speak a few words of greeting. "I hope everyone has an enjoyable evening. Masked and without being able to reveal oneself, I think we shall learn a bit more about each other." Her smile widened as she explained about the ribbons. "At midnight, all shall be revealed and penalties paid. For now, let us begin~!"

The orchestra launched into the strains of a waltz and the lights dimmed. The stage was set for an unforgettable night of mystery and romance.

[Edit: I'd also like to introduce thegreatwashu as co-mod, to help keep things active! *applause*]
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Sharpening the Skills (open) [05 Mar 2006|10:50am]

[ mood | working ]

After her training with her powers, Mercury parted ways with Okita-sensei after their walk to his classroom. She smiled and continued walking back the other way, making her way back to her training grounds. She was quite content at the moment, knowing now she had a different place to go if she wanted to train more in private.

Mercury returned to the set up she had made. Picking up more cans and bottles and placing them on top of the poles. She took a deep breath and placed her hands in front of her. "Shabon...." The bubble appeared between her hands, she twirled around, and manipulated the myst bubble in between her crossed arms. "spray!" She concentrated on keeping the bubbles solid and not allowing them to transform into their trademark myst. One by one the bubbles knocked over the targets, she smiled as the bubbles then popped, only releasing small spurts of the foggy substance.


Soccer Game [05 Mar 2006|01:35am]

A little friendly one-on-oneCollapse )
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[Session 2] Home Economics~ [24 Feb 2006|09:54pm]

Hughes made his way into class, grinning. His first class had gone quite well and he was happy with the way things were going.

Making his way into his classroom, he grabbed a piece of chalk and wrote a message on the board to the students.

That done, he sat down at his desk and began to randomly snatch some papers from the stack beside him to read, no sense falling behind on his military career, even if he was stuck at this school for an undetermined period of time.

[Message on the white board reads]

Students, since we didn’t finish going over our lists last session, pull out your notes again and compare. Then pull out a sheet of paper and then, either by yourself or with a partner, come up with 5 methods you would use to discipline a child, and what is involved in raising a child.

[ooc: like last time, I figured it was best if I posted class the day before ^^]
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Second Kendo Class [21 Feb 2006|02:28pm]

Having already gone into the dojo after his walk and conversation with the delightful Mercury, Okita re-entered again from his room, dressed for his class. He slid off the tie on his hair from his low-loose pony-tail and pulled all that dark purple length up into what it should be for kendo.

Standing near the head of the dojo, he looked back up at the still-empty picture frame. "Need to ask Yuuko-san...right right..." he mumbled to himself.

He turned around to face the doors and leaned back against the dojo wall. He decided that he'd wait for his students, but not quite as long as before. "If they're late...they're late. They shouldn't miss out, but I shouldn't have to wait forever either." No one had that kind of time.

He lowered his head so that his chin rested against his chest and closed his eyes. His bangs fell into his face and he began to think quietly. His arms crossed over his chest, he breathed in deeply and relaxed.

((ooc: again. so very sorry about being late with this))
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Chained to you... (ATTN: Icchan-darling ;) ) [20 Feb 2006|03:20pm]

(OOC: After a brief hiatus due to real life, I HAVE RETURNED! MWHAHAHAHA... *clears throat* Anyways, I'll be getting myself back and in fighting trim over the next day or two)

Washu was no heavy sleeper, but for some reason her sleep was deeper and more restful than normal. In her dreams, what few she had, she dreamed that the Mokona -- those curious interesting creatures she was bound to find out more about -- had appeared in her room, teleported her to Icchan's room and bed, and then snapped a nice pair of handcuffs on her wrist and Icchan's wrist before giggling and vanishing.

Her first thought when she awoke was that it had been a strange and interesting dream... then she looked across the bed and realized that Icchan was on the other side. Moreover, as she slowly held up her hand, she realized that she now had a new bracelet attached to her wrist. Investigating the handcuff thoroughly, Washu realized that there was no keyhole. That ruled out picking the lock. Raising her one good hand in the air, her computer activated and she ran a diagnostic on the handcuffs. They seemed to be plain, simple handcuffs. She supposed that later she would have to drag Icchan to her lab and grab a laser torch from her workshop to undo them.

Then she cackled under her breath. At least the Mokona had seen fit to handcuff her to him. He was a specimen worth keeping close observation on, and there were few better, if not nostalgic, ways to do that than to literally chain yourself to the person you wanted to watch.

'He's pretty cute when he's asleep,' she thought idly, wondering what his reaction would be to having a female scientific genius, wearing pajamas, appearing suddenly in his bed and cuffed to him.
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Keeping her skills sharp is a necessity (open/in progress) [19 Feb 2006|09:50am]

[ mood | peaceful ]

Today was Monday, and Ami had no classes that day.

Waking up slightly early she rose out of bed, and casted a glance at the other bed beside her. She smiled when she noticed her roommate was still asleep. Casting her bedsheets aside and stepped out of her bed and went over to the dresser, and picking out her clothes for the day before heading off to the washroom to change. Ami took this time to look into the mirror as she brushed her hair.

"Do I really want to do this?" She asked. "This is the first real chance I have to lead a normal life..." She paused thinking. She casted a side glance to her bag where her transformation rod was contained. This brought back memories of why she was a sailor senshi. She was a soldier because it was her destiny to fight for and protect her Princess and future queen. She was a soldier to protect her friends, and protect all that lived. This thought brought a smile to her face as she set her brush down.

Ami exited the washroom and grabbed her bag on the way out the door, remembering to close it quietly for Ryuu-ou's sake.

Ami discreetly exited the school to the outer grounds, which were located in the middle of the school dorms. Inwardly she winced. This was going to be difficult being in the middle of everything. However, this was her choice, and it needed to be done. "Study the mind, exercise the body." She said as she went to a seemingly private corner of the courtyard. Reaching into her bag she pulled out some old cans and set them up on fence posts. Casting another glance around to make sure that no one had snuck up on her. She was still in the mindset that if anyone saw her, she would endanger them being who she was.

Reaching into her bag yet again she pulled out the winged transformation stick with the mercury crystal adorning it's top. She raised the wand high.

"Mercury Crystal Power....Make-up!" The watery ribbon manifested from the crystal as Ami wrapped it around her body skillfully and gracefully as she had many times before.

With the sound of dripping water and a flash, Ami transformed into her sailor persona.

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[Session 1] General Science [18 Feb 2006|05:03pm]

[OOC: This was supposed to be up on Friday, I'm really sorry about that.]

After much anticipation, Icchan slipped into the classroom. He had to be early so he could make any necessary preparations. Carefully, he flicked the light switch, only to be a bit disappointed.

"Ah... what's this?" As if by chance (which it wasn't) everything Icchan had planned on bringing to his first class were on his desk, not a speck of dust on them, as if they had just been put there.

Looks like I won't be able to make a stunning entrance today. Icchan smirked as he sat at his desk, pondering the kinds of things he'd do with his new students. That got old quick, so he decided to stand and pace around, examining the classroom.

He was too early, he figuired. Might aswell make use of the time~ He grabbed a stick of chalk and scribbled on the blackboards. It started at "Mihara-sensei" then moved onto "General Science" but finding that it was too boring, he wrote on the last board "YOU WILL DIE!"

Ah! Students are comiing~ he thought gleefully, as he regained his seat at his desk, staring intently at them as they entered.

"Greetings, class~!"
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[Session 1] Home Economics [17 Feb 2006|10:20pm]

Hughes wandered through the hallways in search of his classroom, “…it’s supposed to be around here somewhere” he muttered to himself.

Walking down the hall quickly, he passed door after door before coming across his.

“Here we go, Home Ec.” He opened the door and made his way in.

Hughes walked toward a desk that resided in a corner in the front of the room and began setting some papers down. He picked up the student roster and went to stand by the door to greet the students as they came in.

He knew what he’d be teaching next class, but in this preceding lesson, he really had no idea what he’d begin with…but…

He was good at improvising~!

[ooc: Okay, so this should be for 2/18 but since I wouldn’t be able to post the class until around 5pm PST time on that day, I figured I should just post it tonight so everyone who’s EST and etc... or wouldn’t be available in the evening could get to it ^__^ ]
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V-day - [Bakura | Watanuki] [17 Feb 2006|04:29pm]

[ mood | cranky ]

As was his habit, Bakura woke up slightly before 6am, and turned off his alarm before it could go off. It was too early for loud noises.
Most days, he'd then go and shower, and then have breakfast before turning to his studies.
However - today there was something different. A clinking noise broke the silence of the room.
That turned his brain into overdrive mode. Clinking noise - source - chain - source - his wrist - destination - black haired boy sleeping on a futon next to his - who - he didn't know. He was suddenly very thankful for their habit of carrying at least one mundane weapon upon their person in easy reach at all times. And of the other two nearby - under his pillow and mattress, respectively. And their was always that, if it came to it. His scars ached, just a little, even thinking of it.
Now, what to do, what to do? Undo the lock, or find out who - what - why the boy was here first?
His lockpicks were - foolish landlord, I keep telling you, keep everything in reach!! - at the bottom of his chest of drawers, however, which meant passing the boy - perhaps not the best idea.
So, find out about the boy, then.
Grabbing the chain with his handcuffed hand, he gave it a solid tug.
"Why are you here? Who are you?"

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Ichimaru's Point of View: WAKING UP IN FUJI'S ROOM [16 Feb 2006|08:05pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Ichimaru Gin twitched slightly in his sleep. His eyes didn't look any different from when he was awake, but the fact he was lying limp on the bed gave a clue that the taichou was lost in his dreams. His fingers moved slightly, as if to catch something, but all that he grasped was air.

Then the Shinigami yawned, finally waking up to find the bedsheets were all at the end of the bed. He tiredly reached for them, sitting up for a moment and grabbing the ends to pull them up. Then Gin fell back onto the mattress, still quite sleepy. It was then when he realized the room was a bit...different. His Zanpakutou, Shinsou, which he had always leaned against the back wall, was missing. His taichou vest-coat wasn't hanging in a corner to the right of the bed, either. And there were different things in this room that weren't his...this wasn't his room. This wasn't his bed.

Shortly after making these observations Ichimaru glanced over to the window then downwards at the other side of the bed, looking at his arm. He was handcuffed. Hm...what...or who...was he handcuffed to? He focused his eyes on the individual who had its head rested on a pillow.

...there was a male next to him. He looked rather shocked at first, but soon enough his smile disguised his surprise.

"Ara~? What are ya sleepin' for?"

The handcuffs...and the fact that they were in the same bed...had they done anything last night? He didn't even recognize the man.

Gin decided to gently shake the male next to him. "Wake up, now....it's mornin'!"

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[Session 1] General Mathematics [16 Feb 2006|07:24pm]

[ mood | busy ]

It seemed as though Yuuto had begun setting up the classroom a little earlier than expected. No one else, save for himself, was in the classroom, and he already had what writing there had been on the chalkboard erased and replaced with a few sample math problems. He hadn't quite planned out his lesson- after all, he preferred to simply go with the flow on most matters, and this was no different. There was no room in his mind for such things as doubting the efficiency of his lesson "planning", since there were but a mere five minutes between his solitude and his company in the form of students.

He had even had the time to prepare some tea- it was, perhaps, a bit of a blessing that he had that much time to brew some. The equipment in the teacher's lounge, thankfully, had both Japanese and Western style tea sets. It was a comfortable place to be, he supposed. Even the chairs were comfortable; the chair that sat behind his desk was relaxing enough to tempt him into a small nap. Not that he would succumb, of course. Taking a slow drought of tea, he watched the entrance of the classroom with a careful eye. His students would be here any moment.

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[Insert profanity here] Or, Going to Kanda's Room [15 Feb 2006|11:43pm]

Kanda went instantly into alert mode, as he stepped out into the hall, leading his fellow teacher by the arm. His eyes flicked back and forth, examining every corner. The halls were still empty, for the moment, Kanda and Glasses Hughes being the only people about. The halls looked reversed from his own though... Kanda growled as he realised that they had to be in the west wing, as opposed to his own east wing.

"You room in the west wing, don't you?" he asked, turning back to Glasses Hughes for confirmation. This was just wonderful. They would have to cross to the other side of the damned school to get to his room. He did not like this.
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